Jobs For Magazine Companies

It takes a lot of people to bring a magazine together. Though the digital revolution and the Internet has led some magazines to go online completely, there are still plenty of magazine jobs out there for those who really want to work for one of these publications.

What Jobs Are Available at Magazines?

Magazines require a lot of people with a wide variety of skill sets to keep coming out on time. Magazines need writers to create content, but they also need editors to make sure that content is up to snuff. These publications need artists and photographers for cover and interior images, and they also need layout specialists to make the pages as attractive as possible. For those with websites (which is most, if not all magazines) the need for webmasters and programmers is also there. In order to have careers at a national magazine exchange also tends to have a legal department, as well as a financial one, taking care of the nuts and bolts of contracts, payments, and other necessities to keep the machine running.

What Are The Benefits of Working at a Magazine?

Working for a magazine comes with a lot of different benefits, depending on the type of magazine an individual works for. There’s the chance to meet and interview leaders in a field if one is a writer, as well as the chance to cover events one might not get access to normally like trade shows, award shoes, etc.

Those who work at a magazine also have the chance to stay plugged in to the latest goings on in the industry. Whether it’s movies and entertainment, science, machining, or another field entirely, those who work at a magazine covering an industry get to keep their pulse on the topic. That means they’re the first to get news, and they often have an inside story that other people just aren’t going to get access to. Additionally magazine employees may find they can work flexible hours, and that they may be allowed to telecommute for their jobs depending on company policy.

Does Size Matter?

Whether someone works at a big magazine or a small one does have an impact on a lot of different factors. For instance, a national magazine tends to offer more money and better benefits when compared with smaller, more regional publications for the simple reason that there’s a bigger audience. A bigger readership means there’s more money to be spread around. It also means there’s a bigger scope of events and people that a magazine can gain access to. While a national publication might be able to get interviews with pop stars, NASA scientists or movie stars, more local publications may have trouble commanding the same level of attention.

Smaller magazines tend to be a little more flexible though, and they can be more intimate than a huge publication is. There’s less competition, which also makes them a good place to either start out or to pick up additional income with side work. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a small publication over a large one, or vice versa, it’s important for an individual to know what he or she should expect. If someone knows what he or she is getting into by working for a particular magazine it cuts down on disappointments and frustrations.

5 Competative Business Schools to look out for

Regardless of what aspect of business you are determining to study, it is important that you gain the best education offered in that field. Geographically speaking, many schools may have different procedures or laws to learn per their location, making it just as important to find a place to study close to where you intend to work and live. Regardless, make sure the school has a quality reputation for thorough training in any area as it applies to your future goals. Below are 5 of the Top Business Schools available for you to check into to earn the quality business education you deserve.

5. Northwestern University Kellogg School Of Management, 2001 Sheridan Rd. Evanston IL, 60208Including graduate studies in such areas as quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research, accounting, supply-chain management logistics, consulting, real estate, economics, public administration, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and a wide array of other applicable courses, you will be fully prepared for your career in the business field. A full year’s tuition runs over $56,000, with other variables depending on level and length of study. Current full time enrollment stands at 1,161.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, 50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA. 02142

Not only are the same courses listed above offered at MIT Sloan, but they also offer courses of study in such areas as industrial management, health care administration, and much more. Full time tuition runs just under $58,000, and at the current time full time enrollment consists of 816 students.

3. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, 420 John M. Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA., 19104

Wharton School was the first business school in the United States, and currently boasts the highest alumni membership in the nation. Offering all the other classes available by other schools plus a few particular to them, student will find this to be one of the most exceptional business school they could choose to attending, grabbing onto the number 3 spot easily. Full time students at Wharton School number at 1,685, and yearly full time tuition runs just over $62,000 per year.

2. Stanford University Standard School of Business, 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA., 94305

This famous institute of higher learning offers such a wide array of business graduate programs that your field of study will not only be offered, but you will learn from the most educated and proficient professors in the country. There are also incredible amounts of education to supplement with, and you will find yourself at the top of the job heap after graduation. At the current time Stanford accommodates 803 full time students, with a yearly tuition of approximately $57,300.

1. Harvard University Business School, Soldier’s Field, Boston, Massachusetts

This institution of learning is one of the most famous Ivy League colleges in the world, offering the utmost education and the finest student support. Graduates will most certainly find any courses they require in order to complete any curriculum that fits the needs of their degree. With numerous other pluses, Harvard easily makes the top of the list. There are currently 1,824 full time students enrolled, and the annual tuition is $63,288 per year full time.

Above is a list of the top 5 business schools available to you for the purpose of furthering your education to professional status. While there are many, many other quality institutions of learning that may fit your needs more appropriately, these are simply the best, offering you the most thorough, top of the line education available today. Go online today to find out the most appropriate business school for you!

Best business schools in the county

There are a number of really great business schools that you can attend in Bucks County. But if you are looking for the top percent, I have them right here. Now some of you might want to know why you should consider going locally for a really good business school, instead of relying on the national schools.

Staying local is the more beneficial way to go for a number of reasons. For one, staying local supports the community more. You are more likely to find a friend who goes to the same school. The local business schools are supported by the tax payers and they enrich the lives of those who give back within the community. You are also more likely to find a reduction in costs when applying to a local business school. The national ones end up being too expensive. With the local ones, you can deduct certain expenses, specially if you belong to a local church or some sort of meet up group. The local business schools give the same kind of education that the national ones do, yet you won’t need to travel very far to get the education.

That’s another benefit to attending local business schools, the reduction in gas costs. When you travel a hundred miles too and from school, that is a lot of wear and tear on your car. That can also add up to a hefty bill when it comes time to fix your car. By staying locally and not traveling as much, you are not wearing out your car’s tires. You are not putting a great deal of mileage on it either. That means that your car will remain in better condition for a lot longer.

So what are some of the top business schools in the county?

1) The Lansdale School of Business. It’s located at 500 Horizon Drive in Chalfont. It’s one of the top schools to go to and it’s been that way for many years.
2) The Department Business School. It’s located at 11000 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA. It sits between Comly Road and East Roosevelt Boulevard. It’s right in the heart of the Somerton neighborhood.
3) The Lansdale School of Business. This is another location for the above-mentioned school. It’s in North Wales on Wissahickon Avenue. If you are familiar with the first one I mentioned, this school has the exact same criteria.
4) The School Store. This one is located in Colmar, PA. For those that are familiar with Old Bethlehem Pike, it’s right on there. It’s near the intersection of Old Bethlehem Pike and Line Lexington Road.
5) Katherine Gibbs School Philadelphia. It’s in Norristown, PA on Monroe Boulevard. It’s right near the intersection of Monroe Boulevard and PA-363. It’s one of the premiere places for a business school education in Philadelphia.

There are just the top select schools, but as you can see they are some of the best. Go online today and look up the school that is nearest to you.

Famous people that started local businesses to help their community

When we think about famous people and their lives, we do not often consider the private side of their daily life. Famous or not, we have all gone through trials and tribulations and have relied on our communities, mentors, and family members to help us along the way. Often celebrities choose to give back to the local people and communities that helped them to their success. Some of these successful business people offer their expertise and knowledge to smaller businesses to aid in their success. This often leads to the use of ecommerce to compete with larger organizations. All of these examples are true samples of the generosity and love that some of the most successful people on earth share with us.

When thinking of community businesses helping the local community, Paul Newman’s name comes to mind. By creating his famous line of food called Newman’s Own, he has been able to contribute all of the proceeds from the sales to a variety of charities that directly benefit the local communities and families. Mr. Newman further contributes by paying all of the administrative costs of the Newman’s Own brand foods so that all of the money is 100% contributed to the causes. To benefit families he started the Hole in the Wall Gang residential camp for seriously ill children. These camps are located in the US, Ireland, France, and Israel. This organization serves over 13,000 children every year at absolutely no cost to them or their families. In 2008, he donated over 20 million dollars to various charities. One of these charities was the Catholic Relief Services, which helped the Kosovo refugees to which he contributed $250,000.

Many times celebrities will use their status to help by using their success to invest in smaller businesses thus driving up the bottom line for both parties. They portray a good example of this action on the reality television show Shark Tank. This reality show hosts five distinguished and self-made millionaires whom listen to the proposals of budding entrepreneurs. When the inventor has a unique and interesting product, the millionaires bid against each other to be able to work with the entrepreneur. In this case, the big business celebrity is loaning money to new businesses, giving them the needed boost or start up to their success.

Once small business get a start in the world of sales, it is important to develop some type of communication and advertising to get your business noticed. The use of ecommerce by small business is a key to success. By the use of the internet to list and sell products, it puts small business on the same sales field as larger businesses. With a well thought out and attractive web site and page and low or reasonable pricing, even a small business can compete with larger competitors. Many celebrities use social media to blog or tweet about local businesses that they visit thus adding to the validity of ecommerce by driving business to their establishments.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder in America

America- it’s known as the land of opportunity. America is a country where nearly anyone with a little hard work and strong work ethics like Coca-Cola executive Herb Allen can open a small business or rise through the ranks of a large corporation and climb the ladder to become CEO. Many of the large corporations in the US today are run by CEOs and Presidents who have been with the company for several years, climbing the corporate ladder to the top.

According to Fortune Magazine, the current top ranking companies are Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Phillips 66, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Walmart currently operates more than 11,000 retail units under 69 banners and in 27 countries. The current CEO of Walmart at just 48 years old is Doug McMillon. McMillon began his Walmart career as a summer associate in 1984 in the distribution center. While getting his MBA he continued his career at Walmart rising up to President and CEO of Walmart International in 2009.

The second highest ranking company, Exxon Mobile is an American multi-national oil and gas corporation formed in 1999 by a merger between Exxon and Mobile. Rex Tillerson is the current Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobile Corporation. Tillerson began his career in Exxon Mobile in 1975 as an engineer and has held various positions until 2008 when he was established as the Chairman and CEO.

The third highest ranking American corporation is Chevron, an American multi-national energy corporation headquartered in California and is active in 180 countries. John Watson is the current CEO and Chairman of Chevron. Watson joined Chevron in 1980 working his way up to CEO and Chairman of the corporation in 2010.

Phillips 66 is the fourth highest ranking American corporation. Phillips 66 is a producer of natural gas liquids and petrochemicals. With nearly 13,500 employees and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Greg Garland is the Chairman and CEO. Joining Phillips 66 in 2000 as a Senior Vice President, Garland climbed the corporate ladder up to Chairman and CEO in 2012.

The fifth largest American corporation on the Fortune 500 list is Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway is an American multi-national conglomerate that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies. Berkshire Hathaway owns companies such as Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Geico, and portions of Heinz and Mars, Inc. Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest and most influential people, is the Chairman, CEO, and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet began working for Berkshire Hathaway in 1970 before becoming the current. Chairman and CEO.

As these CEOs show, rising the ranks of the corporate ladder is possible, no matter what position one may start in. According to Fortune 500, there are several American corporations on the rise and poised to possibly become some of America’s biggest future corporations. Starting or investing with these companies could lead to rising the ranks of the corporate ladder for those invested. The companies are: HollyFrontier, Questcor Pharmaceuticals, OnAssignment, 3D Systems, CVR Energy, Virtus Investment Partners, IPG Photonics, HFF, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.